KSM Collaboration Invites Students to Know the Body

Four University of Surabaya (Ubaya) Faculty of Pharmacy Student Study Groups (KSM) collaborated to hold a workshop seminar entitled “Get to Know Your Body, Take Care Naturally” on Saturday, September 29 2018 in the FA Building Basic Formulation Lab.

“We want to introduce the Faculty of Pharmacy KSM in the same event,” said Priska Katarina as chairman of the committee regarding the purpose of this activity. The KSM involved included KSM PIPOT (Traditional Medicine Development Information Center), KSM CSG (Cosmetology Study Group), KSM LO (Learning Organization), and NSEC KSM (Narcotics and Sex Education Club).

The participants were invited to practice directly using feminine hygienic herbal recipes with betel leaf extract as raw material guided by Ike Dhiah Rochmawati, S.Farm., M.Farm.Klin., Apt. as Ubaya Pharmacy lecturer. This recipe was chosen because it uses natural ingredients and is native to Indonesia so that it is easily available. Participants were also invited to do anatomical studies and discuss them together.

This activity is also open to students other than those from the Faculty of Pharmacy who want to study, one of which is Agatha Sullivania sent from the Faculty of Biology. “I participated in this activity to add to the experience. So, I understand more about the health of the organs being repaired and how to look after them, “Agatha said. (RE4)