Closing Medical Competition 2017, Friendship Behind the Match

Medical Competition2017, one of the 49th series of the Faculty of Pharmacy Anniversary of Surabaya on February 16, 2017, was closed with great fanfare. The event which was opened on February 9, 2017 was closed with a closing ceremony at Ubaya Campus 2, PF 6th floor. The ceremony was attended by representatives of the Governor of East Java, namely Drs. Supratomo, M.Sc as Chair of the East Java Youth and Sports Education Agency (Dispora). In addition, this event was attended by Vice Chancellor 3, Ir. Hudiyo Firmanto, M.Sc., Ph.D, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Dr.Dra. R.R. Christina Avanti, M.Sc., Apt, Directorate of Student Development, Stefanus Soegiharto, S.T., M.Sc, lecturers from Ubaya Faculty of Pharmacy and Ormawa presentation at the Faculty of Pharmacy.

The Ubaya Faculty of Pharmacy’s acoustic band was taken as an opening, followed by the opening of the MC, prayers, and remarks. First greeting, by Ir. Hudiyo Firmanto, M.Sc., Ph.D, as Ubaya Deputy Rector 3. In his remarks, he stressed that, in a competition there must be win and lose, but the most important thing is that friendship is established. “Healthy is not only because of drugs, but also because of exercise. So, multiply exercise, “said Hudiyo. Followed by remarks from the chairman of the Medical Competition committee 2017, I Gusti Kadek Surya Amertha, who did not stop thanking all those who played a role in this event, and which was revealed by Drs. Supratomo, M.Sc as Chair of the East Java Dispora, representing the East Java Governor who was unable to attend.

He explained in a nutshell, where the Dispora was tasked with finding superior seeds in the field of sports, and this kind of event was the facility needed, He also greatly appreciated the performance of the committee in organizing this event. “No leader is not born from the organization. With an event like this, it’s the same as learning to solve problems, because our lives are full of problems, “he said. The event was closed by Supratomo, followed by a memento from the Ubaya Pharmacy Faculty for Dispora.

The event continued with the appearance of the Faculty of Pharmacy KMM Band, followed by the reading of champions. 3rd place in the Futsal Competition won by Stikes Satria Bhakti Nganjuk, and 3rd place in the men’s Bakset won by Ubaya Pharmacy Faculty. Right after the reading of 3rd place was filled with the appearance of vocal group from Ubaya Faculty of Pharmacy, followed by reading the 2nd place of Futsal won by Ubaya Faculty of Pharmacy, and second place in men’s basketball won by the Faculty of Medicine Airlangga University. Also enlivening the Ubaya KMM dance Pharmacy Faculty.

For the next one week the results of the 1st winner of the futsal won by the Hangtuah Medical Faculty, men’s basketball won by the Ubaya Faculty of Psychology, the first place won by the Ubaya Faculty of Pharmacy, and the MVP from the Ubaya Psychology Faculty. The event was closed by the appearance of the KMM band Ubaya Pharmacy Faculty, decorated with confetti and completed balloons, one of the 49th Faculty of Pharmacy Anniversary events.

Many impressions and messages are stored, especially in the minds of the committee and participants. “There are a lot of positive and negative things, of course we get, but thankfully we can pass it well. My hope for Medcomkedepannya is to be a place to compete for all students engaged in health, and be able to build a good friendship or relationship between health students later, “hoped the head of the Medical Competition committee 2017, I Gusti Kadek Surya Amertha. (EVD)