Ubaya Pharmacy Alumni Association Holds Ubaya 50-Year Prime Welcoming Workshop and Workshop

As one of the contributions to support the advancement of the Surabaya Faculty of Pharmacy, Sunday, March 4 2018 Ubaya Pharmacy Alumni Association held the Training and Prime Workshop with the theme “Preparing Young Generation in the Age of Disruptive Innovation” with Speaker Mulia Sunar Ko, S.Si., Apt, Ge Recta Geson, S.Si., Apt., Drs. Franky Tandayu, Apt. the three of them are alumni of the Ubaya Pharmacy Faculty. Located on the 5th floor of the University of Surabaya Library Building, this activity was followed by 270 participants who were alumni of the Faculty of Pharmacy. The alumni were present as a form of concern for the campus where they criticized education and maintaining good relations between Almuni and faculty as well as junior and senior students.

Facing a disruptive era of innovation, the young generation must be able to create solutions to all forms of problems. By warming up the topic of Self Healing, changing bad conditions becomes a condition that deceives you. Mulia Sunar Ko, S.Si., Apt said that pain that cannot be cured is a suggestion from that person. The symptom is the solution that can heal yourself is yourself, so instruct yourself to be someone useful.

Meanwhile, Drs. Franky Todayu, Apt. said that the young generation must be able to innovate and get out of the safety zone. “I want to open a student spy that graduates of the Pharmacy Faculty are not just graduates of pharmacists or industry. They can move in various fields of Entrepreneurship by utilizing the knowledge that has been obtained on campus, “he said.

Through this activity, it is expected to be able to prepare the young generation with entrepreneurial spirit who are eligible for innovation and willing to work by seeing the opportunities available. In addition, making this activity an annual event for alumni students. The Faculty of Farmas and can contribute to the beloved campus. (EE)