When the World of Digital and Pharmacy Unites

Sunday (10/03/19) Ubaya Pharmacy Alumni Association (UPASS) again held a Workshop with the theme “When Digital Technology Pharmacreneurship Meets”. Held on the 5th floor of the Surabaya University Library Building, UPASS presented several speakers namely Dra. Paulin Linggadewi, Apt., M.H .; Soetam Ery Wibowo, S.Si., Apt .; Nurcahyo Waluyo, S.Si., Apt .; Fransisko Arjasa, S.Si., Apt .; and Google’s Digital Gate Team. The workshop which was held from 09 – 10 March 2019 is also open to the public. “Ubaya Pharmacy Alumni are very happy to share their knowledge with the community,” said Eka Widya Sasmita as Chair of the Event.

Discussions raised in the workshop were quite diverse. Some of them are: How to Obtain Pharmacy to Grow in the JKN Era, Train Entrepreneurial Courage to Go to Independent Pharmacists, Guide to Creating an Account for Google My Business. “Our goal is actually to facilitate the community to get knowledge from people who are right in their fields,” Eka explained. During the session participants and speakers exchanged greetings with questions that warmed up the atmosphere.

The material presented was very informative and in line with the era faced by today’s society, the digital era. “This event wants to tell how the digital world and pharmacy can unite. Therefore, we also invite Google to share their knowledge here, “he said. The public needs to know that graduates of Pharmacy, Pharmacists, or anything in their fields of expertise can be flexible with technology. Because we cannot fight the current of the Revolution, what we can do is adapt. Align and adjust to millions of new things in the future. (Bn)