International Workshop on Discussing Patient Safety

The Ubaya Faculty of Pharmacy held the International Conferences on Medication Safety Workshop 2018, on August 23-25 ​​2018 at the Wyndham Hotel Surabaya. This international workshop specifically discussed patient safety as a series of systems for patients which included identification and management of patient risks.

This activity was followed by the Pharmacist Professional Association, Surabaya Health Office, patient safety doctors and sympathizers from pharmacist representatives. Participants also learned more in implementing solutions to minimize the risk of occurrence and prevent injuries caused by mistakes due to carrying out an action or not taking appropriate action happen.

“Pharmacy not only concentrates on products, but also on patients. So the impact on patient safety is our shared duty and responsibility, “Dr. Agnes Nuniek Winantari S.Si, M.Sc., Apt.

Some of the international speakers present included Prof.. Dr. B (Bob) Wilffert, Netherlands, Prof. Jagat R. Kanwar, Australia, Srinivas Tipparaju, Assoc. Prof. USA, Dr. Drs. Antonius Adji Prayitno Setiadi M.Sc., Apt, Indonesia, Mohd Makmor Bakry, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Malaysia, Prof. Dr. Dr. Herkuntanto Sp. F (K), SH FALCM, head of the national committee for hosipital patient safety.

Also present is Dr. Dr. Kohar Harisantoso, Sp. An. KIC. HOOD. Head of the Java Provincial Health Office in Indonesia, Yin Wang, Ph. Pediatric Clinical Pharmacist People’s Republic of China, Dra. Endang Budiarti, M.Pharm, Apt, Bethesda Hospital Clinical Pharmacist IN Yogyakarta Indonesia and Renly Lim, M.Pharm., PhD, Australia.

Agnes said Pharmacy took many roles for patient safety. “Pharmacists need to be communicative in building communication with patients. In the use of certain drugs, the pharmacist must be able to explain the benefits of the medication being consumed. “

The role of pharmacists to develop a patient safety culture becomes very difficult when attitudes and behaviors that make staff reluctant to learn. So the involvement of pharmacists in hospitals and certain institutions must be able to become a counseling bridge for patients.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Herkuntanto Sp. F (K), SH FALC As the Head of the National Committee for Hosipital Patient Safety describes the use of medication errors due to the absence of an explanation of how to consume the drug by the pharmacist. In cases like this, the hospital must be responsible. Makadari, it is expected that the role of the Indonesian Pharmacists Association can minimize patient safety risk management. (ee)