Kemenristekdikti & Ubaya Encourage International Publication

For two days (March 1-2, 2019), Kemenristekdikti, Ubaya, and the British Council through the Newton Fund work together to hold workshops aimed at increasing the publication of scientific articles in international journals. The workshop invited two academics from Coventry University, England Sheena Gardner and Hilary Nesi to be held at Novotel Samator Surabaya. Both are also chief editors of international journals in Q1 class.

“Throughout 2018 scientific publications of Indonesian academics have reached 30,000 and are in third place in ASEAN. Only 1,000 articles under Malaysia, “explained Adhi Indra Hermanu, S.T., M.T., as Head of Sub Directorate of Basic Research of Kemenristekdikti. East Java Province has become a priority in providing workshops to improve the quality of research output this year, because it has received research funding from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education with the target of international publications. “The quality of Indonesian academic publications now needs to be improved. We want more Indonesian academic publications in international journals in the Q1 and Q2 classes, “he added.

“Participants must bring a draft article that during the event will be criticized so that it can be corrected in the hope that it can penetrate international journals,” said the Secretary of LPPM Ubaya Dr. Hazrul Iswadi, S.Si., M.Sc., related activities during the workshop. About 30 participants from various universities in East Java were also trained to be able to continue the knowledge gained from their training of trainers. Participants from Ubaya came from the Faculty of Pharmacy, FBE, Faculty of Psychology, Faculty of Engineering, and the Faculty of Biology.

The process of writing articles continued after the workshop, participants continued to be monitored by speakers to publications. The presentation files provided by the two speakers can be downloaded on the LPPM website. (brm)