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Ubaya – In the context of community service, the University of Surabaya Faculty of Business and Economics Alumni Association (IKA FBE) of batch 81 to 90 held a mass circumcision (1/9/2918). University of Surabaya in collaboration with the Suryani Setyaadji Foundation, invited residents around the campus to join in the activities held at the Ubaya Faculty of Pharmacy Building 1, Tenggilis.

Deputy Chairperson of the FBE IKA for the year 81 Aristyawan Soehartojo revealed, this activity was the first alumni program after it was inaugurated on 29 August 2018 ago. “The existence of this IKA is a form of caring to build relationships in collaborating with the community around Ubaya and establishing relationships with all the natural ties,” he said.

A total of 90 children ranging in age from 4 to 12 years follow mass circumcision. They all want to be children of residents who live around the Ubaya Campus. Free of charge, parents enthusiastically invite their sons to attend Mass Circumcision. With the help of doctors, the implementation of circumcision as many as 90 children went smoothly.

Atusisas and eager expressions on the faces of the children before entering the waiting room. Because there is clown entertainment and singing together. “In order for the situation to not be too tense, they were invited to take a brief break so that they were not nervous when their turn came in,” Aristyawan added.

Until now the alumni involved are graduates from various classes. They have the same vision and mission to build a university where they carry out their education. Aristyawan said that those who joined were alumni who voluntarily registered and were involved in this activity.

Aristyawan hopes that he can invite all other alumni to take part in helping the community. “Hopefully this circumcision can be useful and have a good impact for Ubaya and can inspire other alumni to be involved,” he said.

One of the mass circumcision participants, Rizky, who is still eight years old, did not feel nervous when he was going to be circumcised. “Not nervous,” Rizky answered briefly, when asked if he was nervous. His parents, Rosyid, did not forget to thank the organizers of the circumcision event. Rizky got a parcel after circumcision with 90 other children. The next agenda of the FBE IKA will be holding a public lecture for students. (ee)