UBAYA FF Students Succeeded In Pharmacious

Pharmacious is the annual National Pharmaceutical debate competition held by Universitas Gadjah Mada. This year, Pharmacious took place on October 20th-21st, with the theme “INTENSIFICATION OF THE PHARMACIST ROLE IN ADDRESSING THE HEALTH PROBLEM”.

UBAYA FF students recorded outstanding achievement as follows:

UBAYA 2 Team as the 1st Winner

1. Christina Halim 110117447

2. Tan, Yessika Kumalasari 110117061

3. Raudhatun nadeya 110117092

UBAYA 2 Team as the 3rd Winner

1. Priscilia amanda at 110116269

2. Annisa Aulia Afifah 110118242

3. Fisia Niti Atmadja 110117092

Best speaker

Tan, Yessika Kumalasari 110117061

Source: http://ubaya.ac.id/2018/content/news_detail/2326/UBAYA-FF-Students-Succeeded-in-Pharmacious.html