Saraswati 3 Vocational School Of Pharmacy Denpasar Visit To The Ubaya Faculty Of Pharmacy

Monday, January 8th, 2019, the Ubaya Faculty of Pharmacy received a visit from Saraswati 3 Vocational School of Pharmacy Denpasar, Bali. The visit was attended by 70 Year-2 students and 8 accompanying teachers. This activity was opened by Alasen Sembiring M., S.Si., M.Sc., Apt. as the Head of the Professional Pharmacist study program. “Ubaya Pharmacy is always open and waiting for the next visit. And I hope that students and school can learn and take advantage of this visit to increase knowledge in the pharmaceutical field,” said Alasen.

This visit aims to increase the knowledge and insight of students in the world of pharmacists and medicine as well as the process of introducing campus and faculty to students. In his remarks, Alasen thanked and is happy for the visit, while hoping that this visit can be a learning medium for students of Saraswati 3 Vocational School of Pharmacy Denpasar.

According to Dewa Gede Sukmantara, SE, M.M as School Principal, the visit is a means of students to be more motivated to continue their education to a higher level as well as receive more information about the Ubaya Faculty of Pharmacy.

“Our school regularly visits Ubaya for a study tour and I even forget how many times we have visited Ubaya. Every year, our school graduates continue their education to Ubaya. Every time we visit Ubaya, we will surely meet Saraswati 3 Vocational School of Pharmacy alumni,” he said. Besides, Dewa Gede hopes that students can have the interest to continue their education to Ubaya. And prolong the cooperation that has been built.

Also present at the visit was Alfian Hendra Krisnawan, S.Farm., M.Farm., Apt. as a Lecturer at the Faculty of Pharmacy who presented about Ubaya and Faculty of Pharmacy. In his presentation, he delivered information about the lecture, on campus and laboratory facilities and the strength of Ubaya Faculty of Pharmacy. The visit was closed by looking around several labs of Pharmaceutical, Research, and Solida. (ee)

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