January 30, 2019

Letter from Dean

Welcome to the University of Surabaya (UBAYA) Faculty of Pharmacy website. We are honored to be able to introduce our school and have privileged to serve our stakeholders with information about a unique features about our program.
Our school located in Surabaya, the capital city of East Java Province in a beautiful tropical country Indonesia. Our school conducting Pharmacy Education Program consists of Bachelor of Pharmacy and Pharmacy Professional Program, and conduct a post graduate program Master of Pharmacy.

Our school has created a conducive learning environment for students, preceptors, academic, and administrative staffs with the educational phylosophy Learning Beyond the Classroom. UBAYA Pharmacy Education Program designs the competency-based curriculum effectively; implements sustainable and balanced development programme by taking into accounts various inputs from stakeholders; curriculum specialists, alumni, benchmarking activity with national and Internationally recognized universities, as well as considers the future development of pharmaceutical practice nationally and internationally. Curriculum of UBAYA Pharmacy Education Program is divided into 3 areas of interests, that are industrial pharmacy, clinical and community pharmacy, and cosmetics. While Master of Pharmacy Program concentrated into areas of Clinical Pharmacy and Industrial Pharmacy.
The Expected Learning Outcomes have been formulated according to the Indonesian Qualifications Framework and are aligned with the vision and mission of the faculty and university.

Our school prioritize learning process that is based on problem-based learning, case-based learning, and experience-based learning, by integrating the attitude, knowledge and skills as well as independent-proactive learning. Teaching and learning process has been intensively structured to equip students with both hard- skills and soft-skills. Learning is implemented using a variety of strategies and techniques that challenge and encourage learners to think critically, explore, be creative and experience with utilising various sources. Implementation of learning has a mechanism to monitor, assess, and improve periodic lectures, preparation of lecture materials, as well as the assessment of learning.
Our school have assured their administrative and academic quality management system through ISO 9001:2015 certified by British Standard Institution (BSI). The quality assurance has been supported by academic quality manual and quality standards, supported by a complete document to realise the school functional and operational management systems effectively and efficiently.

All UBAYA leaders and staffs are determined to maintain the education quality. As a result, UBAYA currently receives an A (superior) for its institutional accreditation from the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education (BAN-PT). UBAYA Bachelor of Pharmacy Program (BOPP) was established in 1968 and has been awarded an “A” accreditation by the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education, Republic of Indonesia since 1998. This is the highest standard of achievement for higher education in Indonesia. Since then, the BOPP has maintained its superior standards and accreditation for over 18 years. The latest, this award has been given by Accreditation Council for Higher Education in Health (LAM-PTKes).

The academic staff members have graduated from reputable universities that build strong academic capacity enabler for students to compete and win prestigious awards in many national and international Pharmacy-based student competition events. In addition, 78% graduates obtain their first job less than 3 months after graduated. Furthermore 98% of our graduates have passed National pre-registration Pharmacist Competency Exam.

To explore further about our programs, I invite you to surve and take a closer look at this website. I hope this website will assist you in finding relevant information.

Yours sincerely,
Christina Avanti, PhD
Dean, Associate Professor