Centre For Information And Development Of Traditional Medicine

Traditional medicine or better known as the popular term “herbal medicine” is a medicine that is formulated and mixed with the main ingredients from plants and used as medicine on the basis of hereditary experiences from the ancestors or ancestors of the Indonesian nation.

Now in our society there are various forms of herbal medicine, ranging from herbs mixed with housewives, herbs sold as herbal medicines, herbs that are formulated and sold in markets, packaged herbs produced by the herbal industry in the form of herbal packs until in the form of modern pharmaceutical preparations such as instant herbal medicine, pills, capsules and supplement / health drinks.

As a medicine, it must absolutely be harmless or safe if used, it must be efficacious or useful as a medicine and must be of high quality and steady. To be able to develop, scientific research must be conducted on the results of the herbal products.

Indonesia is a country consisting of islands, like a series of emerald equations that are very rich in the diversity of plants including medicinal plants and traditional medicinal plants. This wealth can be used for the benefit of the nation if scientifically examined.

In connection with the development of the University of Surabaya in the academic field, especially in the fields of medicine and pharmaceutical services to support the improvement of the quality of traditional medicine based on research results that have been clinically tested, the University of Surabaya Chancellor at the time, Anton Prijatno, S.H. Decide on the establishment of the University of Surabaya Traditional Medicine Information and Development Center or abbreviated as PIPOT UBAYA based on UBAYA Chancellor Decree number 406 / Year 2001.


The University of Surabaya’s Traditional Medicine Development / Study Center as a reference and superior place for studying traditional medicine in Indonesia and globally


Exploring the benefits of natural materials and traditional Indonesian medicine;

1. Improve the quality of traditional Indonesian medicine;
2. Make UBIP PIPOT as a means of information and reference regarding natural ingredients and traditional Indonesian medicine;
3. Collaborating with various parties who are interested and interested in developing traditional medicines.

To support the utilization of traditional medicines correctly, the Ubaya PIPOT provides various forms of service activities to the community. Through this activity, it is hoped that PIPOT can contribute more to nourish the community and optimize the utilization of Indonesia’s natural resources, especially biological resources. The services provided by Ubaya PIPOT to the community include:

  • Traditional medicine consultation & information
  • Borrowing library collections
  • Determination of medicinal plants
  • Extension of the use of traditional medicine
  • Training on making traditional medicinal preparations and herbal cosmetics
  • Analysis of the quality of traditional medicine


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E-Mail :pipot@unit.ubaya.ac.id; Website: pipot.ubaya.ac.id