Facilities & Services


UBAYA faculty of pharmacy has 32 laboratories and 3 research laboratory room, with sophisticated laboratory equipment that is well-maintained to support both student learning needs and researcher requirements. The equipment [is] includes UPLC, HPLC, GC-MS, DSC, spectrophotometer, PCR, and Electrophoresis. During the 4 years of undergraduate degree and 1 year of Professional Program of Pharmacy, students are provided with training on operational parameters of these instruments. Through these practical-skill based activities, students are expected to bridge theoretical classroom-taught concepts with results generated by well-planned experimental data allowing analysis and thoughtful conclusions to be formed using the scientific method.


The OSCE exam was introduced recently to the Faculty assessment system as a tool to evaluate students’ professional skills, clinical knowledge, ability to deal with different problems, and attitude during delivering pharmaceutical care. It exposes the students to semi-real cases from their daily practice, and they are assessed according to their actions toward these cases. Evaluation is completed using special approved forms by the Faculty, the form measures students’ knowledge, interpersonal and communication skills, professional judgment, skills of problem solving and resolution. The skills evaluated are patient assessment, identifying drug-related needs, solving the drug-related problems, providing effective and consistent counselling, and drug therapy monitoring and scheduled patient follow up. To facilitate this exam, Ubaya Faculty of Pharmacy provided OSCE CENTER.

Ubaya Wifi Internet Access/Hotspot

To facilitate student needs in browsing the source of learning by utilizing Information and Communication Technology, the university provided UBAYA Wifizone, scattered in various campus areas. There are many gazebo that can be used by students for informal discussion, doing assignment and sharing of various other learning purposes with a comfortable and lovely atmosphere. Each Gazebo has electrical outlet, so that students can access hotspots available in the area without worrying their battery power gets run out. Facilities are supported with high-speed wifi capabilities in every lecture room and gazebo at UBAYA

Ubaya Training Center

University of Surabaya has a physical facility located in Trawas-Mojokerto, UTC (Ubaya Training Center) spanning an area of 2500 m2. UTC can be utilized by students for outbound activities, outdoor institutional development, and leadership character development. An herbal garden is maintained on the property which can be utilized to harvest materials for use in natural herbal remedies, referred to in Indonesia as “TanamanObatKeluarga” (TOGA). UTC also has several hectares of TOGA garden. TOGA gardens have been utilized in the past for cultivating several types of plants with medicinal properties. The TOGA garden supports courses related to pharmacognosy, phytochemicals, and herbal medicine technology.