Letter from Dean

Greetings and welcome to Pharmacy Faculty of University of Surabaya (FF UBAYA). FF UBAYA is now 53 years old, a mature age in a person’s life. FF UBAYA is now managing 3 study programs, namely: Program Studi Sarjana Farmasi (PSSF) – Undergraduate Program; Program Studi Profesi Apoteker (PSPA) – Professional Program; dan Program Studi Magister Farmasi (PSMF) – Postgraduate Program with 2 majors, Clinical and Community Pharmacy (est. 2005) and Industrial Pharmacy (est.2013).  

Up to this date, FF UBAYA has accomplished many achievements in national, regional, and world level. Starting from 1998, FF UBAYA has received accreditation from BAN-PT with A predicate. Since then, FF UBAYA has received such predicate 3 times in a row in 2004, 2011, and 2016 given by LAM – PTKES. PSPA Ubaya has also been re – accredited by LAM – PTKES and received A predicate in 2017 and followed by PSMF which received B predicate. Moving on to regional level, FF UBAYA has applied for accreditation from AUN-QA (Asian University Network Quality Assurance). In world level, FF UBAYA has also applied for accreditation from ACPE (Accreditation for Pharmacy Education). Upon these submissions, AUN-QA and ACPE have issued certificate of recognition. These achievements are both a blessing and also a challenge to be conquered.

Disruption Era is both an opportunity and a challenge for each organisation to innovate better, faster, and more efficiently. Everything is getting harder and flaring up in this era. In the field of education, Christensen (author of an inspiring book titled The Innovator’s Dilemma) reveals that in the future, half of American universities will be threatened by bankruptcy or acquisition, due to significant financial pressure. Technology is suspected to be one of the greatest encumbrance. Amongst any other challenge faced by the world nowadays, Industrial Revolution 4.0, technologies and new approach collaborating physical, digital, and biological sphere in a fundamental way will change our way of life, work, and connect with each other. In terms of scale, scope, and complexity, a transformation is now happening, distinguishing the past and current experience of human being.

We currently do not have exact idea of what will happen in the future, but there is one thing that we can be sure of: that the world needs a better, integrated, and comprehensive response towards such change which also involves each global politic stakeholder, public, private, academics, and civilians. There are plenty opinions that public health sector benefits from this transformation. Exponential increase in computation strength and availability of a large number of data from software used for the invention of noble medication are indeed a benefit, but also an opportunity and a challenge to reach the excellence. The positive impact of such transformation depends also on our capability to manage it.

These phenomena are challenges responded by FF UBAYA. Such response is embodied in how we implement Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi, namely education and teaching; research; and community dedication, while also following demands of time. FF UBAYA is an educational organization committed to continuously prioritizing education quality in order to ensure the implementation of the faculty’s vision, “to be excellence in pharmacy education” and PSSF’s vision, “to become a Pharmacy Bachelor Study Program that excels in pharmacy education with sever plus virtues”. PSSF UBAYA’s missions in order to achieve such vision are: optimizing the implementation of Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi in order to facilitate, support, and encourage heath service improvement and community’s life quality, with strong commitment towards local, national, and international needs. This vision and mission can only be done with “mind of a manager, soul of leader” character of leadership, which prioritizes trust, fairness, and effective communication, involving each lecturer, student, and employee in process of running the organization, so that each individual has their own sense of belonging and responsibility towards FF UBAYA. Each individual in FF UBAYA has the same potency and opportunity to develop, a synergy of those things will be a great power to realize superior pharmacy faculty, supported by proper facilities, infrastructures, and funding. Today, the world is shaken by Covid-19 pandemic, which brings about changes to the academic world. FF UBAYA responded to such obstacle by adjusting itself with online teaching process designed and monitored to maintain the education quality. Thus, a little description on FF UBAYA, please do not hesitate to access http://farmasi.ubaya.ac.id for further inquiries.

Dr. Dra. Farida Suhud, M.Si., Apt.