Pharmacy Professional Program

About Program
The study program received an “A” accreditation as administered on an LAM-PT Kes No. 0060/LAM-PTKes/Akr/Pro/I/2017. In the implementation of education and practical experience, the study program is oriented towards WHO standards where the graduates are expected to become professional healthcare workers with the following characteristics: 1. Possess strong character, care giver, leader, manager, communication, decision maker, teacher, lifelong learner, researcher, entrepreneur, & teamwork; and2. Competence to master pharmaceutical science and skills as well as practical experience in 4 pharmacy practice areas of clinical-community pharmacy, pharmaceutical science – technology and industrial pharmacy, analysis and regulation.In delivering the learning process, the program collaborates with National Agency of Drugs and Foods Control (Badan POM-BBPOM), East Java province Health Agency, BBPOM Surabaya, Indonesian Pharmacist Association (IAI) East Java and Surabaya branch, State-owned pharmaceutical Industry, National Private East Java and Foreign-owned enterprise, Public and private hospital minimum “B” type, state and private pharmacies, Pharmaceutical wholesalers, Pharmacy warehouse, Community Healthcare Center and visits to the Herbal, Cosmetic and Medical equipment industries.


To be an excellent and international standardized pre-registration training program for pharmacists.


To produce highly competent graduates who possess global perspective so that they can take part in improving the quality of life in the local and international level (to produce global thinking pharmacists which enable them to participate in improving society’s quality of life whether at local or international level) to educate prospective pharmacist in order to be competent and possess a high level of professionalism to carry out the pharmaceutical works as well as care for patients (competence-professional-caring) to deliver student-centered learning process (student-centered learning).

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