Pharmacy Professional Program

About Program
The study program received an “A” accreditation as administered on an LAM-PT Kes No. 0300/LAM-PTKes/Akr/Pro/VIII/2021. In the implementation of education and practical experience, the study program is oriented towards WHO standards where the graduates are expected to become professional healthcare workers with the following characteristics: 1. Possess strong character, care giver, leader, manager, communication, decision maker, teacher, lifelong learner, researcher, entrepreneur, & teamwork; and2. Competence to master pharmaceutical science and skills as well as practical experience in 4 pharmacy practice areas of clinical-community pharmacy, pharmaceutical science – technology and industrial pharmacy, analysis and regulation.In delivering the learning process, the program collaborates with National Agency of Drugs and Foods Control (Badan POM-BBPOM), East Java province Health Agency, BBPOM Surabaya, Indonesian Pharmacist Association (IAI) East Java and Surabaya branch, State-owned pharmaceutical Industry, National Private East Java and Foreign-owned enterprise, Public and private hospital minimum “B” type, state and private pharmacies, Pharmaceutical wholesalers, Pharmacy warehouse, Community Healthcare Center and visits to the Herbal, Cosmetic and Medical equipment industries.


Actively involve as the Pioneer for transformation of pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy practice education to improve society’s health and quality of life”.


  1. Increasing public health degree by providing graduates who are able to provide evidence-based treatment in medication safety purposes.
  2. Producing graduates who have proficiency practice in pharmaceutical services as a part of health services to respect the cultural diversity of patients, families and communities.
  3. Obtaining high-quality graduates who are qualified in national and international standards, possess excellence in academic and own a moral integrity as a part of social needs.
  4. Bringing out research and innovation works which are qualified in national and international standards.

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  1. Memiliki kompetensi sebagai sarjana farmasi.
  2. Mampu melakukan praktik kefarmasian secara professional dan etis.
  3. Mampu memproduksi sediaan obat, sediaan obat tradisional, serta sediaan kosmetik yang baik, bermutu dan memenuhi ketentuan yang berlaku.
  4. Mampu mendistribusikan sediaan farmasi sesuai ketentuan yang berlaku.
  5. Mampu melakukan dispensing obat
  6. Mampu memberikan pelayanan swamedikasi.
  7. Mampu melakukan penelusuran informasi ilmiah, mengolah dan memanfaatkan informasi tersebut.
  8. Mampu mengelola dan melakukan layanan farmasi klinis yang berkualitas.
  9. Mampu mendorong pemilihan terapi obat yang rasional, serta menyampaikan informasi dan edukasi obat kepada pasien maupun tenaga kesehatan lainnya.
  10. Mampu berperan sebagai penyedia layanan, pengambil keputusan, komunikator, pemimpin, manajer, pembelajar sepanjang hayat, pendidik serta peneliti.
  11. Mampu mengelola dan melaksanakan praktik kefarmasian sesuai dengan peraturan perundang-undangan dan etika kefarmasian.
  12. Mampu mengelola pekerjaan dan membangun hubungan interpersonal dalam melakukan praktik kefarmasian.
  13. Mampu berwirausaha dengan berbasis pada perencanaan.