Bachelor of Pharmacy Program

Undergraduate Pharmacy Program of Universitas Surabaya is committed to continuously prioritizing the quality of education in order to achieve the vision of “Actively involve as the Pioneer for transformation of pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy practice education to improve society’s health and quality of life”. In order to achieve such vision, PSSF Ubaya’s missions are as follows:

1. Increasing public health degree by providing graduates who are able to provide evidence-based treatment in medicationsafety purposes.

2. Producing graduates who have proficiency practice in pharmaceutical services as a part of health services to respect the cultural diversity of patients, families and communities.

3. Obtaining high-quality graduates who are qualified in national and international standards, possess excellence in academic and own a moral integrity as a part of social needs.

4. Bringing out research and innovation works which are qualified in national and international standards.


  1. Able to identify, analyze and solve problems in pharmaceutical science
  2. Able to design, make, develop and guarantee the quality of pharmaceutical preparations
  3. Able to analyze compounds in biological matrix, food, beverage, PKRT and environmental contamination
  4. Able to search for scientific information, process, utilize, prepare and convey drug information
  5. Able to design rational drug therapies to support quality pharmaceutical services

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