Vision & Mision

  • Vision

To be the Pioneer for transformation of pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy practice education to improve society’s health and quality of life.”

  • Mission
  1. Increasing public health degree by providing graduates who are able to provide evidence-based treatment in medicationsafety purposes.
  2. Producing graduates who have proficiency practice in pharmaceutical services as a part of health services to respect the cultural diversity of patients, families and communities.
  3. Obtaining high-quality graduates who are qualified in national and international standards, possess excellence in academic and own a moral integrity as a part of social needs.
  4. Bringing out research and innovation works which are qualified in national and international standards.
  • This mission aims to:
  1. Organizing integrated learning with international standard to facilitates students in acquiring science; professionalskills, social, and communication; as well as the required experience in developing students’ abilityto be skillful pharmacists who have masteredof insight, practical skills, and cultural skills in providing high-quality treatmentthroughevidence-basedfor medication safety purposes.
  2. Conducting innovative research/studies in the field of pharmaceutical preparation development and pharmaceutical care oriented to achieve high-quality treatment through evidence-based duesocial needs.
  3. Providing professional, excellence, and organized in services, training, and community services continuously to increase medication safetyin order toreform public health.
  4. Increasing national and international collaboration to gain the educationlevel, research, lecturers, students and graduates.
  5. Providing an integrated learning curriculum, both in and out of the university environment.