About Faculty of Pharmacy UBAYA

The Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Surabaya (FF UBAYA) was established in 1968. FF UBAYA is now managing 3 study programs, namely: Program Studi Sarjana Farmasi (PSSF) – Undergraduate Program; Program Studi Profesi Apoteker (PSPA) – Professional Program; dan Program Studi Magister Farmasi (PSMF) – Postgraduate Program with 2 majors, Clinical and Community Pharmacy (est. 2005) and Industrial Pharmacy (est. 2013). Up to this date, FF UBAYA has accomplished many achievements in national, regional, and world level. Starting form 1998, FF UBAYA has received accreditation form BAN-PT with A predicate. Since then, FF UBAYA has received such predicate 3 times in a row in 2004, 2011, and 2016 given by LAM-PTKES. PSPA Ubaya has also been re-accredited by LAM – PTKES and received a predicate in 2017 and followed by PSMF which received B predicate. Moving on to regional level, FF UBAYA has applied for accreditation from AUN-QA (Asian University Network Quality Assurance). In world level, FF UBAYA has also applied for accreditation from ACPE (Accreditation for Pharmacy Education). Upon these submissions, AUN-QA and ACPE have issued certificate of recognition. The Faculty of Pharmacy UBAYA organizes learning that facilitates students to develop themselves into Pharmacists who have knowledge, professional, social and communication skills, as well as competent and professional character and behavior of Pharmacists, to answer the needs of the community at the local and global level. Graduates’ quality control is maintained with a profile of graduates who have the ability to quickly adapt to the demands of information technology and be responsive to the needs of professional practice of pharmacy that has a linear correlation with the needs of the community so that they can meet the standards of cross-country Pharmacists and have the ability to compete at the global level and in accordance with the framework of the Indonesian National Qualifications (KKNI), the University of Surabaya Faculty of Pharmacy Development Orientation has two:

1.Development towards Pharmacy-Clinical-Community services by promoting Therapencilies Out Comes, Patient’s Quality of Life, services that are patient-centered, and rational treatment.

2.Development of the Science and Industry field, especially the development of drugs, medicinal products, and cosmetics based on natural ingredients. The development of these two fields is expected to improve the quality of life of the community and increase the use of natural materials. The network of cooperation in learning, research, and community service with various domestic and foreign institutions has been going well and continues to grow. Quality-based and transparency-based management is expected to provide assurance for students and the community who interact with the University of Surabaya’s Faculty of Pharmacy in Tridharma services. UBAYA’s Pharmacy Faculty in the Undergraduate program has 3 (three) interest groups, namely interest in Clinical and Community Pharmacy, Science-Technology-Industrial Pharmacy and Cosmetology