Monday-Tuesday, 17-18 July 2017 is a field assessment activity for the University of Surabaya Pharmacy Masters Study Program. The opening of the field assessment was attended by the Chancellor, Deputy Chancellors I, II, and III, Head of Study Programs, Deans and Directors. There were two assessors appointed by LAM-PTKes to conduct an assessment at the University of Surabaya Pharmacy Masters Study Program this time.

The two assessors are Prof. Dr. Elly Wahyudin, DEA and Dr.rer.nat.Sophi Damayanti, M.Si, Apt. At the time of the schedule for visiting academic facilities, the two sessions shared their assignments. Sophia conducted an assessment to RSAL (Naval Hospital), located at Jl. Gadung No.1, Jagir, Wonokromo, Surabaya, while Elly conducted assessment of facilities at the University of Surabaya’s Faculty of Pharmacy.

The field assessment program began with remarks given by the University of Surabaya Chancellor, Prof. Ir. Joniarto Parung, M.M.B.A.T., Ph.D. He explained the results of Kemenristek Diktibahwa University of Surabaya was ranked 25th nationally. This certainly becomes both pride and challenge. According to him, it is better if it is considered a challenge, to make Universitas Surabaya better. Joniartopun revealed “What is more important is the Pharmacy Masters Program is better. We proceed to be better, so that the future outcomes can also be better, “said Joniarto.

One of the assessors present, Prof. Dr. Elly Wahyudin, DEA., Shared his impression of Ubaya. This lecturer from Hassanudin University appreciated that the University of Surabaya Campus is a modern campus. In addition, Ellym is asking the University of Surabaya to always improve good interprofessional education, because according to him the service will not be maximized if it does not integrate with each other.

Elly also suggested cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine as a partner apart from the Faculty of Psychology, “Assuming collaboration from education, between Pharmacy as the oldest and the youngest Medicine in Ubaya”. The most important thing is that all the processes that are here can produce output that is intellectually clever and can be useful for the community. (azn)