AUN-QA Visitation, Department of Industrial and Pharmaceutical Engineering Ready to Answer Global Challenges

Tuesday, January 22, 2019, Ubaya special guests arrived. The guest was the assessor team of the ASEAN University Network-Quality Assurance (AUN-QA) consisting of: Prof. Dr. Wyona C. Patalinghug, from De La Salle University; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tan Kay Chuan, from the National University of Singapore; Dr. Kittiya Evans from King Mongkut’s International Demonstration School; Prof. Dr. Clarita Carillo, from the University of Santo Tomas; and Ms. Supatcha Supapant, As Program Officer from the AUN-QA Secretariat. The five guests attended the 131st AUN-QA Assessment at Program Level. In this event, the assessor team will assess the two study programs owned by Ubaya, namely Industrial Engineering study program from the Faculty of Engineering and Pharmacy study program from the Faculty of Pharmacy. The event was also attended by Prof. Ir. Joniarto Parung, MMBAT, Ph.D., as Ubaya Chancellor and his staff, Dr.Dra. R.R. Christina Avanti, M.Sc., Apt., As Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy and her staff, and Dr. Dra. Amelia, M.T., as Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and staff.

“Staying for 50 years is an achievement we are proud of. But global challenges require an adaptive response in future changes. Therefore we are looking for a partner who is able to ‘nurture’ and strengthen our education system. We believe AUN-QA is a good partner for this purpose, “said Prof. Joniarto in his remarks. During the three days the five assessors will assess the completeness of Ubaya through 11 indicators, some of which are: educational structure and content, teaching-learning processes and approaches, academic and non-academic staff quality, learning output and so on.

“We have done preparations for this event since November 2018. Actually we have registered in 2017 but because there is a waiting list that is quite long now,” said Eric Wibisono, ST, M.Eng., Ph.D., as the Executive Coordinator Event. He also said that this certification is a learning tool, not just an effort to ‘seek’ certificates. He also added that the feedback from the AUN-QA team was a valuable experience. “Of course if accompanied by follow-up, the results will be more maximal,” he added.

The event ended on January 24, 2019, concluded with the presentation of the initial findings of the AUN-QA Assessor study. All participants present were enthusiastic in listening to constructive feedback from the AUN-QA team. One by one from each aspect is explained in a simple but detailed manner. “On behalf of AUN-QA we are very happy to be with you all. Higher education provides quality human resources that will later contribute to the sustainable development of the community. This is our first assessment at Ubaya, and thank you for your trust, “said Prof. Dr. Wyona C. Patalinghug as chief assessor of AUN-QA. (SML)