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University of Surabaya students reap achievements in the national competition. Chikita Alifia Muzakom Pharmacy Faculty students won second place, in the Jamu Gendong competition held by UPT Materia Medica East Java Provincial Health Office. The competition was held on Lahor Street, Pesanggrahan Village, Batu City, Thursday (07/07/2018).

This herbal medicine competition is held every two years. To increase the production of herbal medicines and increase consumption of herbal medicines in the community. This time the competition was attended by dozens of people from various different backgrounds. Participants were divided into two general categories and students. They are required to use traditional Javanese clothing and complete with attributes of baskets and hats made of rattan during the race. Chikita said that to take part in the competition she had to prepare fresh ingredients to mix herbs independently without the help of others.

“To make herbal medicine, I did a lot of experiments and read books about the efficacy of various traditional ingredients. “Of course all the materials used have been tested in a lab,” he said.

The criteria for the race are based on the element of cleanliness, how to process and the recipe used to mix herbs. To make slimming herbs, he uses raw materials of ginger, lemongrass, honey, lemon, and cinnamon. For the formulas for herbal pain, it uses turmeric, ginger, kencur, clove, cinnamon and palm sugar.

Chikita said that to take part in the competition the challenge was felt to be enough to put pressure. Considering competitors come from various high school universities and professional herbal medicine makers. But that did not drop his enthusiasm to compete. Next in the race, participants were asked to do a direct simulation of the making of herbs using fresh ingredients prepared from home.

Students who are also members of the PIPOT Student Study Group (KSM) are proud to be able to participate in developing herbal medicines. “I feel happy because I can make Ubaya proud. Campus also supports me very much in this race. “Chikita said. Instead of herbal pain and Chikita slimming herbs will be used in the cafe Meteria Medica as their herbal medicine menu (ee)